Tulsa Home Repair

When you need a home repair Tulsa contractor, you don't want to wait weeks for an appointment only to have the person who is supposed to show up not come. We've all been there and our specialists at Handyman Extraordinaire are dedicated to making sure that the situation doesn't happen to you when you need Tulsa Metro handyman services. When you call us, we will send a handyman professional out who is dependable, knowledgeable about what you need, and will be able to write an estimate to get your home back to being what you need for it to be, a haven for you and your family.

We are easy to work with because we live and work in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City Metro areas and are your friends and neighbors. We understand the unique climate patterns in Oklahoma, which is important when you are performing home repair in our state. You will find our professionals will provide you and your family with excellent customer service and you will be proud to tell your friends that Handyman Extraordinaire performed your home repair. Why wait? Call today! Pick us for your Tulsa Home Repair and Tulsa home remodel. We are the Tulsa handyman pros!